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I need a cute boy to cuddle and watch how to train your dragon with

themomerath: First name: Frick If I know... SophieAndreaKjerstyn? / Nickname:I refer to you as The Lovely Canadian / Age: 17? / Gender: FEMALE / Sexual Orientation: Straight, but likes the gay boy smut~ / Nationality: Canadian. / Relationship status: Too busy with ficional characters to care about real boys (That's me, so may as well guess) / Likes: Breaking my heart through fiction / Dislikes: Infanticide / Random fact: You're a writer who has the power to kill me with a few sentences uwu


Well done! :D

And really, that’s my power? *evil grin* Mwa ha ha ha ha….


Hiccup Sketches - The Art of How to Train Your Dragon


when ur teacher asks whos presenting next



If you don’t like this movie, you’ve never seen it or you’re lying.